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bank account payments

how do i enter my english bank account as it only gives me option of spanish bank account for payments.i cannot clear spanish bank account from options.

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Aaltje B.

Hi Lyn

I would contact BDC finance department and ask them how to do it.

Hope that helps.


Aaltje B.

4 months ago
M Adamopoulou

Hi! Lyn and welcome to the forum. As far as I know if your property is in Spain you cannot
set up a bank in England. As Aaltje B. commented maybe it’s best to call your BDC LOCAL OFFICE.
Wish you luck.

3 months ago

BDC has a lousy payment system to owners. How can compete with Airbnb and HomeAway who send payments directly to bank accounts, whether in the rental country or not. Very very difficult.

3 months ago