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Bank details


I just registered my property on your website but I don't seem to put in any bank detail where I want you to forward the money that the customer pay for their stay? 

Kind regards Jesus

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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Jesus,


Have you actually enabled Payments by BdC?


Or if not have you setup Rate plan accordingly to be prepaid go either BdC enabled VCC info on the reservation or you can directing the Guest to send you the card details over phone one time?


For that you would need a vitural terminal or m-POS, there are several companies doing this globally.


I posted a new topic on this today, I'm reviewing different VCC Virtual terminal services.



Kind Regards


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Community Admin 2 years ago

Dear Jesus Perez Morillo! Thanks for posting in the Community!


It is always important first to check what payment method was set up for your property. Please, go to "Property" tab and choose "Policies", scroll down to "Guest payment options" and check your current payment method. 


If it is mentioned, that your property enabled Payments by Booking via Bank transfer, you will be able to add your bank details right on this page or you can go to "Finance" tab "Getting paid" and add your details there.


Best regards.