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Bank details country different than rented house country


I am a New Property Owner, trying to enter bank details.

I see that depending on the country the property is established, the bank details should from the same country.

If I don't have a Brazilian bank account and I do have an Argentinian, how can I get paid in an Argentinian account renting a house in Brazil? (Want to clarify that I've got Brazilian residence but not a bank account)

Thank you!


M Adamopoulou

Hi! Colo-Orzan and welcome to the forum. This is a space to chat and advise with other partners, and it sounds like your issue would be best resolved from one of the support teams. You can reach out to them via your Extranet Inbox tab and send your request. Or maybe you can call your local office.
Good luck.

Jan Christian …

Hello, I have a similar situation like Colo. I live in Switzerland and I am a Swiss resident and I rent 2 Condominiums in Hua Hin,Thailand. I managed to open a Thai Bank account and I can do via e-banking transfers from my home in Switzerland within Thailand, BUT I can not transfer my rental income to my Swiss bank account. My bank told me, that apparently it has to do with the fact that I do not have a permanent or retirement Visa for Thailand but when I travel I have a simple Tourist Visa.

When I started to rent my Condos, I had a local Co-host who collected the rental money in cash and put it on my Thai bank account. Then I decided to try the offer made by to collect the rental for me from the guests and to transfer it to my Thai bank account.

I am disappointed by this arrangement I must say, because the money is often received 4-6 weeks after my had guest checked-out !

I give you an example, my last guest for left on 4th November, so the payment should be done on the 15th December, but today on the 9th December I received from a Monthly Statement of Account where I am informed that the payment process will be within the following 14 days. Why do I need to wait soo long to be paid ? Airbnb is paying me wishing a week after the guests have left !

I pay via my Credit Card, why can I not be credited with the rental amount via my Credit card ?

I like but this payment arrangement is not fair and not convenient for me as Partner !

Darja Ribaric

Hi there,

I have also a similar situation and the system from Booking seems to be outdated that they do not offer the option, having a property in another country. I am also disappointed with the agreement - they would potentially send the money after the WHOLE  month, whereas they charge ADDITIONALLY 1,1% to facilitate the payment?? One month isn't enough? Just an excuse to get more commission. :(


Jan Christian …

Sorry again, in my 2nd last paragraph it should read: "I pay their Commission via my credit card....."


If you are talking about "Payments by" feature, you receive payment on 15th of each month.

Jan Christian …

Can not offer a shorter/faster payment to their partners ? Otherwise I have no choice to collect my money in cash again.
Why my payment to for their Commission can be done via Credit card and not vice versa ?


Hi Colo Orzan, my holiday home is in one country but I collect the money through a registered business that is in another country where the company's bank account is located. It means paying corporation tax etc where the company is registered, but it works for me.


Jan Christian, with Payments by BDC - No. You have several options to choose from, choose the one that suits you most.
Why are some options limited? I guess different regulations, preventing frauds ect..