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Bank transfer payment

Just want to share my story about activating bank transfer payments feature from (negative).

In summer activated virtual card feature for us as we were cash only property in the past. it was done automatically without any consent from our side. I noticed that when we received a couple of bookings where customer paid by their credit card. As soon as we were unable to charge virtual cards I finally deactivated that feature and very soon we were invited by to activate the bank transfer option and we did that.

Recently I noticed that that feature doesn't work properly when I tried to book my own property on the main page and realised that no any option for customer exist to pay by their credit card to confirm the booking. Moreover the listing page shows that "No credit card" needed and the guest can pay at the property directly now which is not in line with our policy which requires 100% advance deposit (we are the private villa and always ask for some prepayment to avoid cancellations and messing up our booking pipeline). 

I tried to contact few times and ask them why our "payment via bank transfer" is active in our extranet but not working actually. Every time people explained me different reasons ranging from *we have not been a cash only property for 3 months and IT mistake to *we opted out from this program at some point and have to wait for another 3 months to make it active. 

I don't really understand what a f*g hell going on with this company and why they all the time give me different excuses but now I need to explain every guest that they have to pay give us a deposit first and all that info on the main page about "no credit card required" is bullshit and they need to read some fineprints at the bottom. I already got around 10bookings and cancelled 9 of them due to non-payment. It takes time, blocks our days and messes up our calendar and continues to say that I need to wait another invitation to activate the "bank transfer option". I am not really sure now that after three months they will not find an another excuse. Rubbish.

Pennyinnz 3 years ago

I've only just activated the deposit is required and Artvilla Bookings you are quite correct it's very confusing for guests and requires quite a bit of time to send messages explaining the policy and then to chase up non payments before the reservation is cancelled due to non deposit payment. Don't want to accept credit cards as cost will out weigh benefit as only a small place.

Adelina Mihaylova 1 year ago

Is this problem solved for you and your property? I am experiencing the same! please provide a solution. When I deactivated the online payments option (because I cannot charge credit cards), the 'pay online' option is no longer available for people who want to book my property.  I want to be able to accept online payments via Booking (respectively, bank transfers into my account from Booking) but NOT charge credit cards at the property. This needs to be resolved ASAP!

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BrookAve 1 year ago


Adelina Mihaylova please stop replying to old topics, and instead create new topic...


the solution you are referring to by BdC is Payments by Booking.



THere is an alternative to BdC pay methods ...


Get a third party (payment provider) to generate payment links, then the funds go to you.


Square, Sumup, Payrexx etc.


But at end of the day this is not a BdC issue, its a you issue.


Remember BdC is just an agency, they dont have to provide a payment method for Guests  for you to get paid.


Just do some homework on how both work, and then decide which suits you better.


Kind Regards