Bank transfer payout Not sent yet?

Hi, sorry if this has been covered, we had a booking which shows where payment is the following "

Bank transfer payout, not sent yet" looked to find out what does this mean as we not had a message from Smoobu or the calander hasnt updated showing the booked days?, does this mean payment or booking has not been made yet, we got another message from the client saying in the important from client part

I am travelling for business and I may be using a business credit card.?


is this ok does this seem normal, thanks





Hello and welcome to the booking.com partner forum.

If the prompt is saying payout not sent then I think it is pretty clear that the payout is still pending!

Typically booking.com would pay for a guest booking by the 15th of the following month - has this date lapsed?

Also can you clarify where you are seeing this message?