Hello, Have my guests received my bank-accountnumber?

Aaltje B.

Hallo Jan Jaap 

Even in het Engels:  I think you should check with the BDC team to see how they are going to pay you. 

It is all depending the system you have set up. 

There are different systems to choose from, also depending your country. 

Have a look under the help department, within the extranet. 

Many questions have been asked before and many answers have come in. Your question will be there somewhere. 


And welcome to the BDC hosting group! 

Also have a look if you can add your listing to your profile. 

Advice on how to do this also under the help department. 


We will hear more from you, I hope. 





Aaltje B. 

Community Admin

Hi Jan Jaap Feddema  and welcome to the Community. Your guest won't able to see your bank account details, as it is a very sensitive information that we do not share. If you have Payments by Booking, we will facilitate the payments on you behalf, meaning that we will charge the guest on the credit card giving during the reservation, and pay you after their check out accordingly to schedule. 

If you are instead a cash only property (so you don't accept credit card or neither having Payments by Bookings) than you should set a pre-payment options to your cancellation policies and than, send a message to the guest after the reservation, sharing your bank details in case you wish to have a bank transfer.

We hope it was clear!