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I have not been paid for the last period from booking. Is the company going bankrupt?

beatrice oguntayo 2 years ago

Same here and every attempt to reach the finance dept has been unsuccessful.

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Community Admin 2 years ago

Good morning Axel Creutz , beatrice oguntayo and Sydney Harbour Bed and Breakfast . 

Please be aware that from today onwards, all Virtual Credit Cards for new an unpcoming reservations will be activated with 1 day after the check in date, so it might be that at the moment you are having some difficulties to charge.

Moreover, we are sorry that Financial department is hard to reach, but as well as other departments we are trying to keeping up with a large volume of requests.

We are sure that you all will be compensated, and please if you have very specific questions, don't hesistate to send a message thought the imbox.

Sydney Harbour… 2 years ago


1 day after check in already and Vcc's are not working. How long do we have to wait?