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BDc Handling guest payments????

Reading various posts here about payments......Is that correct that BDc are taking payments for some businesses? If so, is this just apartments/villas?

Until recently I just thought BDc only  passed on credit/debit details and facilitated Virtual CC payments.


..... ...that would explain  some of the complaint posts on Trip Advisor, concerning who has the guests money.

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Caroline Scarborough

Yes, they can handle payments for any type of accommodation, but I would advise caution. They only pay the month AFTER checkout, so, for example, if you have someone check out on the 1st of July you won't be paid until the 15th of August. Also, many of us are still waiting to be paid for JUNE reservations and communications from have been dire (ie non existent) to say the least as am now having problems paying bills. Booking have been taking payment on my behalf for over a year and I thought it would be a great load of my mind, but am seriously having second thoughts. Not impressed.

1 year ago

I wouldn't use this payment method, better the money in our bank account than theirs!

What sort of business do you have Caroline? Is there a reason why you can't or don't take credit cards?

1 year ago