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BdC needs to stop applying commission against additional fees

If you open a reservation details page where you have, for example  a cleaning fee applied, for a recent booking you will see up top:


Total price ................ Commissionable amount  (these two match, they should not!)


Commission and charges: (underneath)


BdC are applying their commission against rate+ extras at check


I'm pretty sure this came up before and how Partners were disgusted they had the neck to apply the commission against extras such as cleaning fee.


I agree its wrong and should be exempt.


If you use PbB  (Payments by Booking) then the only time a fee should be charged against the whole is the payment gateway < 2% fee, for the bank transfer.


In ideal world it would look something like:


  • Guest picks dates, rate calculated as X
  • Policies Additional Fees that apply (cleaning fee, etc) : Y
  • Total Guest Billed x+y


  • Commissionable Total = 15% of X (rate can be higher due to using Visibility Booster)
  • Balance X- 15% = Z
  • Payment Fee (bank transfer) = 1.5-2% of (z+y)




Ryan Peers

Hi, I have been trying to get a reply from for a month now regarding cleaning fees. My statements/ invoices pre locked down showed a total price taken and a commissionable amount, which was £50 less. This was the cleaning fee. However, they only paid out on the commissionable amount and I never received my £50 cleaning fees. I assume this means they took the fee and didn’t pass it onto me?