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Be very careful with payments. VERY SHADY!!!

Joined last year the Bookingcom payments thinking it would benefit our business. 

It's actually almost putting us out of business since they are keeping our money for too long.

In the low season we are depending on the income that comes from non refundable high season bookings. only this year we're not getting the money until 15 of the next month that customer leaves. So your customers check out on 1 Jan we don't get money until 15 February. Not to mention that the customer has already paid now (May!) So keeps the money for 9 months!!!!

I asked to be removed from this system and they say once you're in you can't opt out!!! 

ALL the people that are thinking of joining be very careful....Now I can't find anywhere in the site that informs this. If you want to opt out in the extranet you must contact them..

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