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Being Paid weekly

We've just changed from being paid Monthly to being paid weekly as its better for our cashflow, does anybody know how it works.

Tomasz Szwoger… 3 years ago

<Beware of the button "here" >

I changed one week ago to weekly but today I was curious if going back to once a month is going to be without any charges.

Well if you click this button "here" it automatically changes to once a month... in August I will be able to change to weekly... wait, there are more surprises from  I am sure

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Isle of Wight … 3 years ago

I switched a few weeks ago - it's not weekly, it's "4 times a month". It's based on departure dates of guests. So in the dates below, for all departures from 9th to 17th June, the money was paid to my account on 22nd June (it actually arrived in my account on 20th). The payment for departures 18th-26th is not yet in my account and no date for it yet.

Looking on Finance > Invoices, it says:

1 Jul - 8 Jul   This is the current period. Reservations will appear after the period has closed.

27 Jun - 30 JunThe payment for this period will be finalised after documents are processed Forecasted £xxx

18 Jun - 26 JunPayment is being processed  £xxx

9 Jun - 17 Jun Payment issued on 22 Jun 2019 

Tomasz Szwoger… 3 years ago

Yes more precisely it says - 4 times a month, but you are totally missing my point.

The point is that if you by accident try to see how it works when switching to once a month, you are actually making a decision that is effective from the 1 day of the next month without the chance to going back now!

This is taking the host by surprise without any consent. 

I am happy for your payments being so prompt and your schedules so precise that funds paid on Sat June 22nd arrived on Thurs June 20th, how marvelous!

Ines Bruins 2 years ago

so where do you change from monthly to weekly? thanks