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Beware of changes to no shows and payments.

A new "problem" has reared its ugly head with regards to no-shows.

At the moment it is only between BDC and some banks but is set to broaden in coverage of banking institutions. If you are in the habit of allowing guests to pay on arrival and then charge their card in absentia if they are a no-show, you will now miss out on owed payments!

Once the check-in day arrives or passes, your payment request will be passed by the payee first for "agreement". When they don't agree, that's it, no money for you. Neither BDC nor "certain banks" will assist in obtaining the funds.

We have just had some colleagues caught out with this and our bank has confirmed the same. Fortunately we always take money up front so are not vulnerable to this latest poke-in-the-eye for hosts. To do this we have to raise our rates a little to absorb the extra charges involved so in reality honest guests are losing out because of the dodgy ones....again!