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BIG PROBLEMS AHEAD IF YOU CHARGE A NO SHOW !!!! (whatever site you are on)

We recently charged a guest for a no show and the guest disputed it !

Barclays Merchant Services who do our card payments gave her her money back and refused to reverse it when we appealed their decision

All because there was what they called  NO EVIDENCE that she had physically signed when she had booked on the website showing she had accepted the T and C's and no proof she had received a confirmation from BC and ourselves stating Cancellation Policy

So whatever you get from BC will not be regarded as evidence however many boxes she ticks on booking!. ( same applies to any other booking site)

This "new" policy will cause many of us serious problems but if a guest fails to turn up we have no choice but to charge

We are now getting guests to reply to our confirmation email that states the Cancellation process and if they do not confirm they have received it we cancel them - so far every one replies



I am going back to the opt in function on so they will handle the payments. I had 2 credit cards decline this week. We pay adequate commission per reservation so let them deal with the hassle.

Even when you refund a guest, you then have to send a message which may or may not be dealt with and then if not if you have to go to the invoice and wait a few days to so finance can check. This is all work, that we don't get one cent for.

I like the freedom of getting paid immediately when I take a booking payment but sometimes there is too much trouble.


Can not understand how a card handling merchant can refund a no show charge once the guest has ticked the box saying she/he agrees to terms and conditions.what country are you in?? If in The UK you can report this behaviour to the financial ombudsman


Neither did I until it happened to us but its a fact that the guests bank requires real evidence the guest actually has received details of the charge if you don't turn up !

Ticking the box on BC when they book is not enough

The only way around this is to put in your confirmation email that includes the cancellation/no show charge and that you require the guest to reply to it saying they have received it !

We are in the UK but do you want the hassle on moths while the FO investigates it

This is a matter for BC to sort but they will not as they will not upset guests


The real evidence is that the guest ticked a box before booking agreeing to your terms and conditions. The guest would not be able to proceed with the booking before ticking the box.Seriously, you need to make a fuss and get in contact with your bank in this age you can not have people agreeing to terms and conditions on line then crying foul when you implement them.


Sorry to repeat my earlier comment but ticking the box is not regarded as evidence by the guests bank- not our credit card company !!!!!- it is the guests bank that is dictating this all and is supporting them

If and its a big if since we all know BC supports the guest first.... you can get them to confirm the guest ticked the T&C box then you will win in Court but do you want the expense of doing that

This is all up to BC to sort with the banks -as if they will !!!!!!!!!!


Sorry never heard of such a procedure in that case the whole experience of shopping,reserving ,booking on the internet would come to a standstill. I just made purchases on line yesterday I have the right to change my mind WITHIN the terms and conditions of the seller I ticked the box agreeing to such.Perhaps you need to change your C/C merchants handler.The guest agreed to your terms and conditions so what is their argument??