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I am new in Booking, the last month I had my first guests, with them all were well, however with the second guest not, he did not show up because the Coronavirus restrictions, the issue was he did not cancel and I did not know I had to mark as it in the App.

Now the booking is cash me a comission for a reservation that I realy did not have.

What should I do in order to ask this disccount?

Thanks in advanced

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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Johanna,

To confirm you had a no show?


If yes then open thge reservation details page,  on right pane look for mark as no show.


If greyed out then simply use the Extranet inbox , Messages , click See contact options.


Send a message with the booking reservation number and ask t omark it as no show , if you want to request full refund and therfore no commission charged add that.


But if it was pay on arrival then there should be no commission.




Kind Regards, Be Safe, Be Well