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Blocking problematic customers

I have had a customer who initially attempted to book as one person despite there being 2 (for the additional discount I offer for solo travellers). Following this they messaged me privately saying they need to cancel. I said that's fine and asked them to cancel and later discovered that I can request a cancellation based on the customer requesting this through the admin panel and did this.

I'm just wondering when I come across customers like this who I sense are going to be problematic, is there any way to ban or block them from booking my property again in future?

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M Adamopoulou

Hi! Garionbracken and welcome to the forum. Unfortunately I don’t think such a function is available.
Keep well...

3 months ago

Hi Garionbracken,

You have 2 options:

1) Cancelation

Cancelation is 2 way. You can't cancel yourself without confirmation of second party.

If you press button "cancel" and the guest will not do the same, reservation will remain active.

2) Booking support

Since you said the client wrote you privately, you can use it as the reason and ask the Booking to cancel for you. Just call your hotline

Another option is to deny the entry... It's not cancelation, but forcing to cancel. I guess that's the last thing to do in case compromise is not possible..

3 months ago