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booking and reservation

hello good day. im having problems with my booking.com account reservations. I want to set up an option where i can approve or decline my guests before they book my unit,because booking.com automomatically aprroves all my bookings and reservation. but i cant seem to find that option on booiking.com extra net site.hope someon can be of help regarding this. thnks!

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Aaltje B.

If I am correctly informed we cannot choose who we host before they book. Airbnb does give that opportunity but B.com is instant booking only.

That is one of the reasons why I am for reviewing the guests.

I know, B.com is having a lot of hotels under their wings and they can't do the review for every person coming and going.

But B. would be doing many a favour when they will create a second group that is anything but a hotel.

Since we, who host small groups only, are just a special type of people and should be dealt with accordingly. ( a different set of rules)

What would B do if we were not there....

We don't want to copy Airbnb but you know, that is where the demand is. And honestly, I can't see big hotels in the Catlins either. Guests like the natural setting. Especially city people.

let's find a way since we still can.

1 year ago