Booking cancellation

Guest Ms *** *** booked the room for 20th October 2020 has not checked in and the number also invalid. Kindly be informed that we have not received any payment and we can’t pay any commission to this booking .


thanks & regards ,


ELMAR Hotel 

M Adamopoulou


This is only a Partner Community.

Please resend your message request through your Extranet inbox directly to BDC.

Wish you well.




When there is a no show  you must wait until the next day and then open the reservation and actually mark it as no show.


Posting it here will will not create a follow up action.


and the number also invalid.


Please be mindful to set context etc as we will not know what you are talking about .

You mentioned its not prepaid and have not been paid.

If some how you end up seeing it on a reservation statement later you simply tick the Dispute box on the reservation statement, and then submit it to be removed.


Kind Regards