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Booking cancellation and lack of notification of booking by

Notified by *** the guest who booked from today for 5 nights by mobile at 10.30 am today. had given NO notification of the last minute booking made yesterday 22/1/21 by ***.

we had been contacted by our current guest this morning at 9am, as to whether they could do a late check out. We advised that as there were no other bookings they could check out at 4.30 pm.

when *** rang at 10.30 am I advised him that he could book in at 6 pm after the apartment was cleaned. He said understand that’s okay.

we then paid $200 for an urgent clean.

Keys left in the after hours box after I had rung *** twice with reply.

I then find out that *** has cancelled the booking.

due to incompetence in not notifying me, I am now out of pocket $200 cleaning expense.

it was our first booking.

not happy at all.

the booking shows as paid, but cancelled. Can I claim my $200 from this payment.


M Adamopoulou

Hi Barry,


Sorry to hear about your struggles...


You can file your guest as a no show if you want....


Since you are a newbie I think it's better if you contact directly and explain to them your situation...


Wish you all the best ☀️