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Booking cancellation. Payment

Before on 26/2/2019 one guest booked as Last minute booking. Nonrefundable.But he not checked in. We marked as no-show.
Three days back We got a message from customer care .
They told us to send directly Mail this matter to that guest for payment. we done . Nothing happened till. I wrote this to
What will we do for the last minute booking nonrefundable payment.

Tessa Usher 3 years ago

I had a no show for a 2 night stay and I would like to know how I will be paid for those 2 nights the guest didn't show. This is my first time using

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fluff 3 years ago

Sorry to say, as per many threads on this subject already, that unless you are able to take off-line credit card payments and have the full credit card details for the bookings in question, then you will not obtain payment.

There are two ways to avoid this happening again;

1) Talk to your bank about having an off-line CC facility.

2) Let BDC take all all your payments on your behalf, they then pay you for all check outs in one month on the 15th of the following month.

On the bright side, once reported as no-shows AND "invalid credit" card, you will not need to pay any commission on these bogus bookings.

This is a rapidly growing problem that you will need to get under control or your business will suffer.