Booking does not pay for a long time, the support service does not work

Tell me what to do?  This situation is repeated for the second time.  I have an apartment in Spain, booking has not transferred my money to me for several months and numerous calls to the support service do not give any result.  How do I proceed?



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Hi Sergey


Unfortunately not a lot we can advise other than keep after BdC Support team at least weekly.


I suspect the root cause is something you are not aware of.  This tends to be the case alot of the time, i.e. a misunderstanding.


Have you checked and reconciled the info under finance > Docs & invoices along with Reservation statements. ?


Are you actually signed up for Payments By Booking?


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M Adamopoulou

Hi Sergei,

Sorry to hear about your payment struggles...

I also believe you have to contact BDC again and again...


Support team in Athens is excellent!!!

Tracey Hubbuck

Hi Sergey


Have you had payments yet? I am having the same problem - no payments since june - and calling every week - cant get to credit control at all - keep being told someone will call me and they never do!


kind regards



Tania Turnbull

I am having the same problem have made contact with them multiple times i have outstanding payments for 3 months.  Saying Covid is the problem.  What about bills that I have to pay.  Should not take 3 months to process money that is mine.