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Booking Finance departement number never answered over 6 months

Hi,  hope you are well.  Due to missing payouts, I tried to reach finance departement for 6 months, during business hours and It never picked up.Now the phone number given in my admin panel is no longer in use (number unavailable error).  If the +*** is no longer active, how can I reach the financial departement by phone?  Thanks

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BrookAve 1 year ago



Welcome to the Partner Only  Forum, addressing only us not BdC support team.

Posting an action request  will not result in any action at all, here.




Due to the nature of the question  on Finance & Payout, we [partners] cannot assist.



You must phone BdC Partner Support, as per the visual guide below or the short version here:



In the extranet, go to the ‘Inbox’ tab.

Select ‘ messages’.

Click on ‘See Contact Options’

Select :Account

Select  Other,

Click  See All contact options,

Click  CALL, phone number is revealed





Kind Regards,

Be Safe, Be Well


Dedicated Partner Contact Options - Visual Guide


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ok 1 year ago

Thanks for your help. Just followed your guide and found the number. But when calling that new number (+***) it says "Number unavailable". How can I reach the financial departement or BdC support team?


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BrookAve 1 year ago


That usually just means high volume of calls, simply retry later  .


in mean time use the message option to log a ticket to BdC Partner Support similar to above process.

ok 1 year ago

Both numbers are actually out of service. Not even a ring. Several emails sent with no answers for months. Any way to reach financial service you can think of?

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Account Adviso… 1 year ago

Hi there, 


Thank you for reaching out. 


Due to the high number of requests, the best way to contact the Finance Department is by submitting a ticket via the Extranet.


Once logged in, go to Inbox -> Messages -> Compose new message. Make sure the topic selected is Finance and then select the relevant topic. 


If you need us again, we're always here.


Tiffany L. Partner Services


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BrookAve 1 year ago

Fyi Tiffany you're still sharing stale info and steps that no longer match the current extranet.


This is at least the 5th time recently I've seen this from community staff.


Example, there is no "compose new message", that was replaced 2 iterations ago, months ago. 


Kind regards

Merry xmas