Booking is overcharging for taxe de sejour

Booking is charging taxe de sejour on all guests reservations for under 18s. Is anyone else noticing this?

I have contacted them 4 times with information on reservations and have had no reply. I was interested to know if it is on all reservations in France or just for my account.



I think this tax is shown only as "informative". Doesn't change the rate anyway when you set the base rate. You won't receive any less or more money because of that. It's your obligation to send correct tax data to your local officials.

Tim Leete

Pibomarco, you are not understanding the issue.

The taxe is set according to our type of property and is charged by Booking to whoever makes the reservation for all adults 18+ in the group. It is not informative, it is a charge added to each booking and the customer pays this amount.

The taxe is not due to under 18s. Booking collect this payment directly from the person making the reservation and should pass it on to the local officials. 

They are charging for all guests, under 18s too, so are overcharging customers. If they then only send the taxe to the local officials in relation to the amount of 18+ guests they are profiting from the overcharge.

I have asked Booking to comment and correct this situation and they have not replied to my four requests. I am interested to see if it is across the whole of the country of France or just my property. If it is widespread it is a big difference and a large overcharge.


Is it added extra or is it included in the price you have set?


For example, if you set your base rate 100€ for apartment, and it is shown on BDC as:

1x night 85€

VAT 10€

City tax 5€

That means it is included.


Perhaps you can try to search for an accomodation on certain dates in France for example (two adults + child) and check on other similar properties how tax is calculated.  


P.S. I don't know what is the legal proccedure in France but in my country I need to report guests, city tax, pay the city tax amount at the end of each month to our local officials. Booking.com is just an "agent" that transfer the payment (-commission).  

Tim Leete

Thanks for your replies but as you are not based in France and don't have the same taxe system as we do it's probably not going to help. 


Hi Tim 

With that last remark about pibomarco, you are not doing yourself any favours.


Instead simply answer the questions and it helps paint a picture so we can help.


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please note our system does not support age-specific surcharge setup. You may inform your customers about the various city tax tiers via guest communication.


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