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Booking refused to issue the cancellation fee invoice

Could anyone advice please on how to get the cancellation fee from a guest that held the property under the reservation for 3 weeks and cancelled few hours before arrival? The cancellation fee is a large amount, but refuses to issue an invoice to the guest. The guest ignores the messages. likes calling you a Partner, but they would not bother to actually fulfilling their partnership obligations.


Unless you are using Payments by (i.e. BDC are collecting payments on your behalf) ALL payments are down to you to collect.

You must introduce a system where you can charge full payment or at least a deposit in advance.

Please also note that many banks will now support a guest disputing a charge taken after check in date when the guest is a no show!!!

Alice's Palace…

Thank you 'Fluff', I didn't know it was possible to have payments managed by BDC and am now on the way to having this organised. Appreciated. I thought the only option was payment via CC (which I have to manage). 

Spectacular Ap…

Unfortunately, does not even offer me any payment options except Cash Only. I cannot unlock the unpaid booking, I have no means of taking a deposit, and now they do not want to even help with collecting the due fees...  

I am a Super-host on Airbnb for years, but I find it almost impossible to work on They literally work against you as property owner.

Alice's Palace…

Hello Spectacular Ap...

I just negotiated Payments by after reading the post above yours by 'Fluff'. I didn't know it was possible to have payments managed by BDC. PbB is relatively new I was told and BDC are still working on it. I had to move to the cash only option first while the PbB is being set up and will take up to 3 months.

I had been taking credit cards only - an administrative pain and caught out a few times by the guest scam where they dispute the transaction with their bank months later, and get their money back because the name on the CC is infinitesimally different to the booking name).

There seemed to be some criteria re eligibility and inconsistent advice - one BDC call center person set it up (move to cash only on the way to PbB) and another call center person said I couldn't access PbB - it wasn't an option for me. The super-helpful supervisor sorted it out.

The 'eligibility' seemed to have something to do with if the host was already 'cash only' (tick for you), and have only a few rooms or a few whole house/s listed - I think. Perhaps give it another try and go beyond the first call center person, as needed.