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Booking stealing my money

My guests stayed in February in my chalet . I only just bought the property in January and I have to rent it out to help with the mortgage. My guests booked through loved the chalet gave me 10 out of 10 review so all good. However I have been waiting for 5 months to be paid they said I needed to verify my properties location with a code sent by post. This was apparently sent several times but I never received it. So they are just refusing to pay me my money. It's a disgrace I am facing bankruptcy and yet a comapny as large as this can just *** and steal from the little guy. I can never get hold of anyone on the phone, if I do they say someone will call me back but no one does. Anyone else had issues getting their money from them. I'm desperate


It is unfortunately that have to do the verification process but so much fraud around the world I can understand why. I have seen comments on here about a video verification that seems to be around because of difficulties with covid.  Try again to contact help desk and ask for alternative methods of verification, so that you can then sort out payments.