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Booking under wrong rate.

Hello Booking community! 

I am writing with a concern regarding two bookings guests made under a monthly rate although, in theory, they weren't supposed to be able to do that. Even tho a restriction for a monthly rate was set at a minimum of 28 days stay, two guests managed to book their stay of 13 and 7 days under that rate for 40% less than the standard rate. 

My question is; Why did this happen, and is this some kind of a glitch in the system? And can I do something about it now as the dates booked are in the middle of the summer season and the amount the guests booked for is way above what it should be? Also, even tho I know I should have a monthly rate set, I am concerned this would happen again and I am afraid to set it up again. 

Please advise, what would be the best course of action. 

Thanks in advance. Kindest regards, 



Do you also have any promotions active? Genius, mobile rate, etc... those discounts are stacked.

Mihailo Zindovic

I did think of that but no, the only thing that stacked on the monthly rate is an additional 10% early booking discount, and that's it, but I knew about that. When I go into the Reservations tab and open any of these two reservations details it says clearly that they were booked under Monthly rate + additional 10% discount. 


I highly doubt that there is a glitch, but you never know.. 


Again check your rate plans, oportunities and calendar.. Perhpas you have set monthly rate and a minimum stay for just a particular date.

Mihailo Zindovic

Thank you pibomarco, I will go thru it all again, but I highly doubt something can be done about it anyhow.. 


After a quick check:


Did you set up monthly rate as a new rate plan or based on your current (Standard) rate plan?


"The monthly rate plan you're creating will be a discounted version of Standard Rate. This means that it will be automatically open for bookings on the same dates as Standard Rate. To adjust your availability: review and activate your monthly rate plan here, then make changes in your Calendar."


I think you should double check in the calendar if everything is OK (minimum stay).

Mihailo Zindovic

Well, it was set up as a new rate plan but it is based on Standard Rate because discount has to be based on some kind of a rate. Like mine Monthly Rate was 40% off the Standard Rate.. As far as I understood it is how it's supposed to be working. If there is no Standard Rate plan or any other rate plan upon which you can base your Monthly Rate plan, then you can't say "I will give you 40% off". And the availability of Monthly Rate plan was not an issue, I deliberately set it up to be available all the time, my question tho is, how was someone able to book it for less than 28 nights which was its restriction. You clearly had to book AT LEAST 28 nights, not 7 or 13. That's the thing. 

But anyhow, I really do appreciate you trying to help. 

M Adamopoulou

Hi Mihailo,


Sorry to hear about your struggles...

As pibomarco suggested...check and check again your calendar...sometimes changes are not saved and mistakes can occur.


Check your calendar in all all has happened to me but I was lucky to noticed it by accident and thankfully I had it fixed.


Maybe you should call your support team and report it and ask them to check up your calendar for you...just an idea...



Mihailo Zindovic

Hi M Adamopoulou, thank you for your suggestions.

I did contact the support and they did respond quite fast, reached out to the guest and all. Did not result in guest accepting a new (real) rate, but I am happy to know they will actually jump in and try and solve the problem. 

M Adamopoulou

Very nice that support team responded to your problems...


Wish you we.



Hi Mihailo   

  1. The price displayed is the price paid. Do not contest a valid booking, when this happens. Its bad press, not worth the grief.  
  2. 99.98 % of the time the issue will be how you configured the Calendar / promotions/ restrictions.  

Especially in IE/UK/EU , consumer law etc prevents you from changing the price after a sale is made. Its a major no-no, just do not do it.

Yes you can ask, but its highly reccomended not to do so.


The only time I would do it is if the price some how ended up being reduced by more than 50% of the normal rate, and even then theres no guarantee.


The alternative is to message the guest and say  those dates are not available to due maintence to fix a leak.


So the reason the reservation will show a combination of other rates combined is by design, BdC have already said the best offer will always be shown. So if you have multiple rates and offers, thats what they will see first.



As I do not see your - View My Listing link on your profile , please add it so we can try it ourselves to see how it is displayed.




Kind Regards,

Be Safe, Be Well


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Mihailo Zindovic

Thank you BrookAve for this detailed reply.

As I have said earlier, I won't force anyone to change their reservation as I also travel and wouldn't want anyone doing it to me. I'll just honor it. Just wanted to get to the bottom of it, that's all. 

Anyhow, this will make me more careful in the future.

Also, I will link my listing here. 

Cheers guys, thanks again!