Kindly be informed that hotel is getting booking without credit card detail, Incase guest does not come to hotel how we will charge the show/ cancelled  booking.




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There is no team, nor will BdC Support Team ever see this.


I am curious to understand , 'getting booking without credit card detail', are you saying that you have never taken bookings without having CC details in the booking via BdC website?


Normally its one of 3 methods for payment when booked via BdC website and what policies you set in your Extranet



1. By default new bookings will default to any payment method on arrival.

Assumptions will be made by the guest if you dont state the payment method available on arrival. 



2. Enable prepayment but not Payments by Booking (PbB).


This results in a BdC issued Virtual credit Card info being attached to the reservation , which only appear on day two.

You will need a payment gateway service provider that support remote payments and VCC .


Such as payrex..com (stripe.com) or Partner Offer from https://sumup.ie/bookingie/


3. Payments By Booking, 


Similar to 'no.2, but instead the booking is prepaid to BdC at time of booking and then paid out after check out date or next payout date minus commission and % payment  transfer fee.




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