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1 Commission

Dear Team,

Please see below the commission Break down for the month of Jan-19.

AED 25337.78 is for No Show and Cancellation, AED 10,922.02 VAT Charges Jan-18, AED 9176.32 VAT charges Dec-18,AED 4974.33 Less Paid for Res No Almagushi Abdulaziz.

Please be informed that we are not Paying VAT on Commission for our whole group. hence we are deducting the VAT amount for the month of DEC-18 and JAN-19 form the invoice amount of Jan-19. Commission

For the Month of Jan-19
Total Invoice Amount:                                                    229,362.48
Less: No-Show/Cancellation                                                    (25,337.78)
Less: 5% Vat Jan-19 Wrong Charged                                                    (10,922.02)
Less: 5% Vat Dec-18 Wrong Charged                                                      (9,176.32)
Less: Shot Payment RES No 367115                                                      (4,974.33)
Total Payable Amount                                     178,952.03

Aaltje B.

Looks like an admin question Usman. I would directly ask them. Try contacting them for the right person to show this. Via the home tab, look at the bottom.


Aaltje B.