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2 email reminders of uncharged Virtual Card payments

Thank you BOOKING.COM for emailing me monthly reminders of Virtural Card (VC) payments not charged from the previous month. Now would it be even better service if you were able to remind me of VC payments not charged FROM ALL PREVIOUS MONTHS before you cut off and keep the money according to your policy? 

I believe VC back payment policy is 24 months. My accounting system definitely needs improvement but your help in identifying gaps will save much time and effort in the mean time...

Anyone else who manage a property without an accounts team have the same concerns and issues? 






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pibomarco 2 years ago

Why not activate "Payments by"? No reminders needed at all. 


From 1st of November: You can see virtual credit card details in the extranet for 18 months (547 days), starting from the check-out date. 


If you haven’t already charged a virtual credit card after a guest has checked out, you’ll have up to 12 months (365 days) to charge it. But note that for some of your reservations, the virtual credit cards will be available for a shorter time period and you’ll need to request new virtual cards to receive your money: 


  •      For reservations made prior to 1 November 2019, virtual credit cards were issued for a period of six months.  If needed, after the initial six-month period, you may request another virtual credit card, which will be available for an additional six months. This means you can access the outstanding amount for a total of 12 months.