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1 is handling my guest payments online BUT listing says otherwise

Hi! Newbie here :)

We are a vacation home with one detached cottage for guests.

On our listing, we have setup to handle all guest payments for us, and then they deposit to our bank every few days. 

The problem is, when someone searches and finds our property, The message to the potential guest is that WE handle the payments once they arrive. See below -->

  • NO PREPAYMENT NEEDED – pay at the property

Is this a glitch within, or am I missing a setting?

Thank you in advance!


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Thuild - Your …

Hello Ken,

So, if BDC has been sending you the money for all bookings, then the "NO PREPAYMENT NEEDED – pay at the property" is clearly a bug or something wasn't set up correctly.

First, check your policies, see if you've missed something in there and if that checks out, call BDC and report this to them.


1 year ago