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1 Hybrid

Hi guys, could anyone please help to explain to me what Hybrid is? is it an online payment method? and how can i get the performance report? Thank you


"hybrid system - bookings are available by choice of payment by the customer.  Cash on arrival,  credit card on arrival or payment online.."


"There is a policy under Payment policies where you can select when you don't take a credit card. It's called credit card exceptions. Make sure nothing is selected there... then you will just receive card details. "

Aaron Account …

Hi Anindya,


Thank you for the question!


The Hybrid program are virtual credit cards (VCCs). These are digital MasterCards that allow for easy, secure online payments.They are single use: one card per booking. Each VCC has a unique card number, expiry date and CVC, which are never reused. It also has an activation date, controlled by your booking policy. For non-refundable reservations, you can charge the VCC as soon as you receive it. For flexible policies, the activation date will be your guest’s check-in date so you’ll be able to charge the virtual credit card from then onwards.


Some advantages of VCCs include:

  • Guaranteed payment: guests pay when they book, so no more chasing payments are invalid credit cards.
  • Reduced cancellations: When customers pay online on Booking, they're 4x less likely to cancel. 
  • Potential new bookers: By offering more flexibility, you open your property up to guests who can't pay by credit card 


This option doesn't replace the payment method your guests are currently using but gives them an option to use another form of payment other than a credit card such as, paypal. 


To activate Hybrid you'll need to log into your Extranet and select the property tab --> Policies. Under Guest payment options you'll need to select that you allow guests to pay online. 


To learn more you can view this video: 


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