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1 Invoice

Good Morning, I just received a Invoice for commission that needs to be paid to  I want to mention that the client cancelled on your platform and I waited here till midnight and was not informed at all about the cancellation.  The next morning I discovered that the client already cancelled the previous day on  I marked it as a no-show but still get an account.  Please let your accounts department look into this.  

Kind regards





This request will not be actioned for you.


You are only addressing Partners in the Partner Community.


Its entirely  up to you to contact BdC directly, using phone or message, 


Extranet , Inbox, Booking Messages, 

click See Contact options.


Kind Regards.

House on Olof Palme

The communications to is not so easy accessible.  They need to have a helpline that a person can click on and someone can reply.  Great platform but the helpline not so great!