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2 Invoice - Payment charge


I received my monthly invoice for reservation commission. There is a item 'Payment Charge'. 

What is this payment charge ?

Is there a way of avoiding it ? ie does the 'direct debit' make it go away ?



Everyone using bdc pay method, incurrs a payment gateway % fee for the transaction .

It's nominal around 2.3% I think


Maurice Coronel

Ok. Is this a bank fee or is BDC charging me a fee for paying me ! 

Can 'direct debit' as they state is alternative way of payment reduce this charge ?




yes sort of, their 3rd party payment gateway provider charges a transfer fee, so BdC is passing this on to the Partner either partially or in full. direct debit is not related.


a direct debit is only for a pull transaction not a push. thats a general banking term and concept.

there is no way around it unless you get guest to only prepay you via your payments method setup.


most of which will incurr a transaction fee anyway, which might actually be higher if you try to do it your self, and therefore its just cheaper to get BdC to do it and pay their  % fee for the transaction.