Booking.com killing the small guys as they continu to increase their fees & commission rates!

Owner of a small holiday home in Wexford with a lot of overheads I'm really struggling with Booking.com increasing their fees and commission rates plus the Genius program that I have accepted to be part of which means I'm really getting less!

Booking takes payment for me - I am now paying a fee for that!

Now I've received notification that from September 1st they will be taking commission on any extras charges such as cleaning fees, great news! I charge 50.00 cleaning fee per stay but I actually pay my caretakers 100.00 euros for each changeover 

These increases along with Genius customers are starting to kill me! It is a lot of work and at the end of the day when I have finished paying my tax to the revenue commissioner I have very little left

Maybe Booking.com is not made for a small guy like me



I would use some of the features to increase the minimum nights stayed, while still offering discounts via Genius etc.


You can of course turn of mobile rate and still offer genius.