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4 lack of empathy towards late payment to us.

I have sent lots of messages of being unhappy,

i feel violated **** by their lack of empathy and concern.

being thrown to the wolves as they never answered finance phones, answered emails or addressed the late payment problem.

it was scary, listening to how other businesses were possibly going to go under, had to stop breakfasts, were going to turn guests away at the door, borrow money from elderly parents to keep them afloat, the list goes on.

winter has been long for most businesses and for some this was their lifeline.

the rug was pulled from under our feet. simply by one word "communication"

we feel compensation is due and is expected on this occasion. we are your customers and you have left us bereft. we need you to restore our faith in and do the right thing.

does anyone disagree

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It's completely atrocious and unacceptable how BDC has treated its service providers. Problems and mistakes happen, but it's how those are handled and managed once they do that makes all the difference. BDC please take note and sort this out NOW!

1 month ago