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1 NOT answering message!

Need to cancel ALL reservations because our property has a pending sale, but BOOKING.COM is not answering my messages.  PLUS the Support Team phone number for here in the Dominican Republic doesn't even work!

HELP!  what can I do before I have unhappy guests that I cannot host showing up at my door?!!


M Adamopoulou

Hi! My-Way-in-DR maybe you should try and send messages to your guests apologizing for canceling and requesting them to cancel reservations and close all your rooms to the future. You have to have in mind that if you cancel your reservations you will probably have to find new accommodations for your guests. Also you might have to face penalties from BDC.
Wish you luck.

My Way in DR

Why do I get a penalty when I cannot get BDC to respond for a WEEK!!!

The guest is furious because now there's a penalty for him, even though I notified both him and BDC over a week ago!

I want out of BDC for EVERYTHING, I'm so disgusted with their lack of service ... their DR phone doesnt even work!

Alternative communication besides message and DR Support Team number posted on their website?



My Way in DR

Thanks but I've done all that ... pathetic that BDC doesnt even have a live chat!!! Even as a very small business, I have live chat!

Any other recourse?!

M Adamopoulou

Some other partner suggested that if BDC local office doesn't respond we could call directly Headquarters in Holland, just a thought.
I'm very sorry maybe some other partner can help you better.
Have a good night..