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1 not paying me ANY of the reservations.

From December 26th, I've had 17 reservations and a sum of over £1000 that has not paid me.

I tried messaging them through the extranet since they've stated that that's the best way to get in contact with them and there's not direct number to finance. I have messaged them twice in two weeks after starting up in regards to how I get my payments. 

The only response I received was from Invoice and Credit Control and stated that Direct Debit will be set up in February. So after waiting til Feb, I have still not received any payments and paying over £150 in commission. I called up and told them the situation and they've stated that they'll e-mail all the guests and I have also contacted the guests all privately. BUT NO ONE RESPONDED! Of course.. who would respond to a reservation they've made months ago. 

They've stated to me SEVERAL times that it's my responsibility to take payments and of course I know now, however, when I wasnt aware (in January) I messaged them to clarify and there's no response?! So, because of's negligence in not responding to me that has lead to me losing out of this much money! Of course, if they responded and told me I would have to personally take payments then I would have cut my losses short after the first 5 reservations! I would not had have to wait til over 17 reservations to now chase up on the monies! And I asked why did I receive the message from Invoice and Credit Control stating that Direct Debit will be set up in Feb and they responded that from Feb I will start receiving payments through which after calling up again another staff told me that's not true and that was for taking commissions. 

All of the staff has given me different answers that contradicts each other from 'they cannot message the guests' ; 'I can use the credit card details to take payments' ; 'you dont have access to take payments' ; 'all the guests are going to be called and e-mailed' to even one of the colleagues putting the phone down on me... it has completely shattered my trust with using the website as it doesn't seem like they genuinely care and just trying to push the blame on to me and not accept any responsibilities when they've lied to me several times and don't respond to important questions in regards to payment! 

This is becoming very frustrating as it's not such a small amount and I'm trying to solve it privately between me and the company, however, at this point I just feel as if it'll be easier to just take them to Small Claims Courts and writing an article to our local newspaper as my friend works for Liverpool Echo.

I am honestly stuck and want to know how am I meant to go about this and if anyone has had the same issues with

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fluff 2 years ago



From your description above I assume that you are not on the BDC Collect payment system.

Without this in place, if indeed available in your country, collecting payments IS your own responsibility, this is written in the T&Cs of your contract.

To this end you need either a method where you can take monies in advance/at time of booking with a no-refund policy in place or directly from the guest at time of check in. The former is preferable as it blocks out "false bookings".

Unless you have in writing that your contract with BDC entails them taking payments on your behalf you don't have a legal leg to stand on IMHO. You are now relying on the honesty of guests to pay you for their past stays...


As for the rest of your of your post although I sympathise I obviously have no answer.

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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

fluff, of course we sympathise  with our partner....but as you said its not easy to give an answer....

Chrome Chambers 2 years ago

I understand that myself, But I just feel as if it seems really fraudulent how they're handling me, they're trying to brush me off and pushing the blame on to me. 

When of course, when a partner does not understand a situation and policy, the following step should be to contact which I did as 'it's the best way to interact with them' and questioned how I receive payments. However, they didn't respond and proceed to tell me that direct debit will be sorted in Feb - so it's really irritable when I'm trying everything to contact and understand and only when things hit the fan, they tell me they cannot do anything. 

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Community Admin 2 years ago

Dear Chrome Chambers! Thanks for posting in the Community!


The payment method is set up by partners themselves during the registration process. From what we see, you've set up to receive a direct payment from guest via a credit card. In this case the guests are informed during the reservation process, that the payment will be taken by accommodation directly. For this reason we do not interfere in the payment process, as it it your responsibility to charge guests. 


In the situation where the payment was not taken by you and the guest left without paying, what we can do according to our agreement with you and the guest, its to inform the guest about the payment issue (what was done by our Customer Service team).


You can check and/or modify your payment method in "Property" tab - "Policies" - scroll down to "Guest payment options". There is also a possibility for you to join Payments by Booking system where we will handle all payments from guests and you will receive a payment via a bank transfer. If its something you are interested in, please, contact our Customer Support team and they will explain you all requirement.


Best regards!