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ITS A REAL PROBLEM - Dates were BLOCKED OUT ON THE CALENDAR yet allowed a guest from the United Kingdom to make a reservation (it was RED / BLOCKED).  Currently, there is a guest in my condo, this couple thinks they will be arriving to the U.S. on Monday 2/10 with a reservation but, unfortunately, with no place to stay.  It is high season here and the hotels are at capacity and peak pricing.


THIS NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED - I have sent several messages to the Customer Service but unfortunately I never receive a reply to my inquiries.  I have sent several emails to the guest and have not heard back.  As always,  Tricia Foster . (941) 321-8821 mobile .

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Triciamfoster so sorry for your struggles. This is a space to chat and advise with other partners, I think it’s best that you try to call your BDC local office.
Wish you good luck.

Laflorida303 3 years ago

Just had the same problem , I had blocked of time my apartment was full ( I am staying there !!!) and they have just notified me of a booking which overlaps the dates !! .. who do I contact as I have only just started with BDC

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Aaltje B. 3 years ago

Hi Laflorida303 I think the same advice as M Adamopoulou is giving to Triciamfoster, after her double booking trouble.

Try to contact your local office.

Keep trying.

Wishing you luck,


Aaltje B.