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2 Providing Discounts Funded Out of Commission?

I have just discovered that a guest received an additional discount on a booking, which seems that is funding from it's commission payment.   If so, this seems to be throw the whole partnership basis of our relationship with out the window.  On one hand, they demand rate parity and our best available rates, but on the other they are providing secret discounts to undercut our direct web prices. Not a good practise. Regards Stephen Newcastle Accommodation Management


any addiitonal discount given that is not part of the extranet setup, is paid for by them , you should still get the choosen rate.

Newcastle Acco…

Thanks for contributing.  I understand that the net remains unchanged, but I have two problems with this practise.  Firstly it undercuts our direct rate which could in effect steal a direct booking.  Secondly, we take a lot of care not to discount our rates to a level that it attracts undesirable guests.  This discount could attract a guest that we don't really want.

Newcastle Acco…

Just an update on this.  My account manager advised that properties can opt out of the Booking Sponsored Discount program.