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2 responsibility on dept collection - where does it stop?

Ref email from

We are writing to you regarding our mutual guest xxx with reservation number xxx, check-in date 2018-10-xx, and check-out date 2018-10-xx.
As this reservation has been cancelled, the credit card details is no longer viewable. The only way to obtain this information is from the guest directly. 
For future references, even though a reservation does not require pre-payment, you do have the ability to pre-authorize a card prior to arrival date to insure you will be able charge. 
However, in this case, unless the guest provides their financial details, including 3 digit CVC code, we are unable to access this information.

Q - How is this helpful?

The 3 digit number was not provided even before cancellation which I initiated. Incidentally this was actually a NO SHOW and chargeable. 

Q - Should take any responsibility towards guest payment retrieval when they have broken the policy? 

Thank you for any relevant feedback.



If you read through many threads on this exact subject you'll find BDC's responsibility for debt collection on "pay at hotel" bookings does not even start, let alone stop!

If you have the ability to pre-authorise credit cards, use it. If a booking arrives with incomplete CC data and cannot be pre-authorised mark the CC as invalid. The booker must then provide new and, hopefully, complete, valid CC data within 24 hours. If not, cancel the booking as they're most likely wasting your time.

Kendalite Shines

Shouldn't have an insurance policy in place to cover such eventualities should the payment be going through you? If the host wants to receive the payment directly from the guest then he should bare the consequences.


Do you also host on Airbnb? If you don't you should - payment problems for me don't exist on the ABB platform.