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Booking.Com Support


Good Afternoon, 


Any ideas how you actually get to speak to someone of seniority that can help with mass cancellations/invoice issues?

Local office not willing to help and account manager is off. 

We are getting past all round the world to speak to different people who don't understand what help we need.


Marc H

Janita, do you not think we have called the number provided on the extranet already? We have an account manager who is NEVER at work, we have never in 2 years even heard from her, we call the local office and although we have a major issue caused by one of your guests causing a disturbance which has resulted in the neighbours taking legal action which has stopped us leasing 2/3 of our apartments (we have 14 serviced apartments) so we are having to relocate/cancel bookings as we no longer have apartments for some guests and it's been handled in a horrifying manner that is terrible for us and the guests, we were promised there would be no charges to us in an email by senior manager but they haven't replied to us in over a week now despite numerous emails as we've started to receive relocation costs, you should be paying us compensation never mind charging is costs!!! How senior management don't understand the serious implications here is beyond me, we will have no choice but to take you to court is you are breaching our contract we pay you large commissions and expect to be able to get a service for that commission, we have been told just to write emails through the extranet but that's a waste of time when each time a new advisor writes to us and doesn't understand the situation or doesn't speak good English, the whole situation is a JOKE.  do you have email addresses for senior management/legal team/Directors/CEO's because your usual email addresses and extranet help is not good enough.