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1 will not pay me (900.00 frm Sept. 15) for my first guest due to not having a bank in the country where condo is located. Has this happened to anyone else?

This is simply unbelievable, I was able to go live with my property without completing the banking information for depositing my earnings.  Come to find out that will only deposit earnings into a bank in Mexico where my property is.  I live is Seattle WA, USA and am not planning any trips any time soon to Mexico.  They now simply will not pay me the 900.00 they owe me.  I have been on the phone with them many times and they simply refuse to pay.  This all started from a reservation on Sept. 15.

In the mean time I have set up my account to use an application called Square where by I can get the credit card information from the site and enter it into the Square application for payment.  However this does me no good as they will not or can't provide me with credit card information on the reservation prior to me setting up Square.  I have not had any additional reservations so not sure if this will even work.

They have said that they can pay me through a virtual credit card generated by for a one time payment.  However, Square does not accept virtual credit cards and I have not been able to find a service that will.  Anyone have any ideas here?  You would think that his has happened before and Booking should at least know how to accept there card but they will not he.  This almost seems like some sort of scam since they allowed the property to go live and receive reservations with no payment set up method.  Clearly this should not happen, you should get a message when trying to go live stating that you  cannot go live until a payment method had been set up or something to this effect. 




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Leandri Klopper 3 years ago

Hey Vince Kain ,

Wow, sorry to hear about your Long struggles. It's quite a situation you find yourself in.

With square you ought to be fine for future bookings but for this specific question, I suggest going Zsolt hunting on the forum.

Zsolt is one of the Partners who frequently posts here. (Thuild - Your world of creation (franchise) ) <- that's his, I'm sure you will be able to find his contact details on his website.

He is very knowledgable on payment-orientated problems and should be able to help you. Hopefully now that I tagged him in this post, he might see it and take a stab at your issue.

Sorry I can't help, best of luck!