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BOOKING.COMs Partner Agoda card Declines!

  As we know Agoda is part of . Tuesday I had a booking via Agoda, I was issued with a Agoda collect Credit Card. The credit card has been declined. I have tried 4 times now. The only phone contacts I can find are giving me a disconnected signal - can anyone help? 

Thuild - Your …

Here are a few questions to you:

1. When is the check-in date?

2. How are you charging the card?

Your answers to those will shed light on what's going on.


Zsolt -


Checkin date was 26th June. I am charging the card via our usual credit card system.  I finally had a response from Agoda, apparently they made an error, my payout was $102 not $120 and the card they gave me was only loaded with $102. I know have my $102. Another case of changing the rate without permission!