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Booking.coms Virtual card conditions?????

Hi Forum

It appears as though a guest who books in using Virtual Card, can dictate (or is it doing this)

when the booking. com partner (hotel/motel/B&B/Lodge) gets paid.  I don't have an issue with processing the payment on the day of check-in, but waiting till check-out date, that is a bit rich don't you think?  

The virtual card is a great tool for BDC cashflow, but disadvantages the partner substantially from a business operational cashflow perspective in two ways as follows:

1.  Hotel can't  collect a deposit on reservation confirmation.

2. Hotel can't collect payment on check-in day

Perhaps I am missing some steps in my setup.  Is there a  feature  to allow virtual card bookings to process a deposit and  enforce balance to be processed on check-in day instead of check-out day.

To me it would make sense that take a commission on deposit held when the payment is processed and not hold full funds that the hotel partner desperately need to run their business.

Look forward to forum responses.


Our reservations are on a non refundable basis, so the rooms can be charged when the booking is first received, even with VCC.

However I object to BDC earning more money from me than necessary, so have turned off the VCC payment method.

Mornington Hotel

Well, we have turned our Virtual Card off because  Barclaycard Merchant since April are now charging for international transactions on the  Virtual card outside of the European Market and as the Virtual card is supported by PAYPAl which is American this will increase the charges by another 2.2% on top of the % you already pay.

So I suggest you watch your statements !!

This is not the fault of Booking as it has only just crept in but the actual Merchant.


I wonder how long virtual card is valid after the departure date

kind regards

vestby hyttepark