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Bookings & Collection of payments

Hi, We are facing problems. 90% bookings are cancelled or guests do not showup. Is it a normal feature on Booking.com? 

Second problem is how to collect payment? Guests do not want to pay at the time of the booking. They want to prolong payment upto the last minute. Depositing in the bank, payment through NEFT (Internet transfer), PayPal are big problems for them. Even if we have credit card details, we can not charge their cards because we do not have PIN Number and OTP (One Time Password).

What is the best way to avoid cancellations and receive payments? VCC (Virtual Credit Card) is not available here till now.

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If you really don't have any way of collecting credit card payments offline then you need to tighten up your booking/cancellation policies to make the other methods work for you.

In my view guests need to pay for their flights up front so why not their accommodation?

If you are accepting paypal make it your policy to require payment within a fixed period of time. If no payment you cancel the booking. (you can use the "invalid credit card" feature for this).

Other than that you can join the Booking.com collect-payment scheme, as the name suggests BDC collect all funds on your behalf at the time of booking. They then pay you on the 15th of the month following the check out dates in the previous month.

Depending on presence in India, you may have access to an independent company that can accept off-line payments on your behalf. There are two that advertise on this forum.

(....yes cancellations and no-shows have been particularly bad this past year and has forced us to also make large changes to our policies)

1 year ago