Breakfast not showing on confirmations

We have recently added a paid breakfast facility to our Booking.com page.

The confirmation emails and the bookings on my channel manager (Eviivo) are not showing paid breakfast when booked through Booking.com.

This is causing us a few headaches!


Any ideas?

M Adamopoulou

Hello! Dave and welcome to the forum.

Have you saved your changes??? Maybe you should check your facilities again...


Hello, I'm having the same problem. Have you found a solution for this?
Thank you from Chile!


Run through a booking for your place as if you are a guest, see what is happening with breakfast their end. Its often an illuminating test.


Hi Cenpronovaltda,

No - we haven't found a good solution.

Best thing we can do is log into Booking.com everyday and look at each booking individually on the Reservations page. Takes up so much extra time - If only it showed up on our channel manager !

M Adamopoulou

Hello guys sorry to hear about your struggles... Maybe you should inform BDC by sending them a message or just call your BDC local office. I am sure they can find a solution...
Take care...