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Busiest season and bookings people don't show up. Will i still get paid for wasting my time even when i put it at Non refundable??

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Its the busiest Christmas Season and I'm filled with bookings, but there are so many on the day cancellations and I kept these dates open where i could sell them on other websites, so i am loosing money big time having no Shows. Will I stay get paid even people don't show up. I have put in place the non refundable option. Only a few bookings come through. Please let me know that would be great.


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Hi Heidi,

That entirely depends on you. i.e. how and what policies settings you have turned on ,and if you are taking direct payment or not.


People not showing up or not notifying you are part of the business, there is no one fits all solution other than to have them prepay.


Alter the cancellation polcy to not allow cancellations less than 7 days to check-in. use the sub option page [right pane of the cancellation setup page] to claim a % of the prepaid amount as cancel fee.


Merry Xmas