Can guests pay the full amount online during booking? Like Airbnb

I am confused regarding payments. Can guests pay the full amount online during booking? Like Airbnb. Or must each guest pay cash upon arrival? How does it work on booking.com? It is not clear. Thank you

Leandri Klopper

Hey Tommi,

Thanks for asking.

You get to set up those rules yourself, but yes there is an option that you can activate that will let guests pay the full amount online where you can get the Virtual Card details. 

This can be seen under Property - Policies

Otherwise I suggest you phone Partner Services and ask for the tutorial regarding setting up payment policies. 

Hope this helps!!

Isle of Wight …

Depending on where you are in the world and which way the wind blows, you may have the option of taking payments by cash, credit card or using Payments by Booking.com. I recommend always using Payments by Booking.com. There is high commission doing it this way, but you protect yourself against fake bookings and guests who book but don't turn up and don't pay, which would leave you with empty rooms and no money.  Just increase your prices to cover the extra commission.


Using Payments by Booking.com also means you can set bookings to be non-refundable - once the guest has paid, you get the money whether they turn up or not. You won't need to worry about whether the guest pays a deposit or the full amount at the time of booking, as this is handled by Booking.com.



Lucky Tuna

Did you resolve your problem, Tommi ?