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Can host receive payment by bank transfer?

Hi fellows,

I want to set up receiving guest payment by bank transfer; however I can only see cash or card payment on hotel premise. Does anyone know if Booking allows bank transfer? ( as my place is self-checkin, I don't need to be at the site.)

Please share if anybody knows this.



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BrookAve 2 years ago

Hi Zhen,


If not using Payments bY feature, then techincally yes. You can put it into the first automatic message you set to have them contact you via method 1 ,2 etc and pay by methods, 1,2,3... etc.


That first auto message could include your BACS/SEPA bank info for accepting.  


Note: there is no 100% guarantee they will even read the messages, ok yes 99% of people will but some will not bother. Especially if its a last minute booking.


For self check in I did a YouTube video of how to access and put it into the auto message as a short URL along with simple text step by step how to gain entry.


Are you using a smart lock such as YALE Keyless with a Samsung smart-things hub, and then the Samsung classic smartthing app on phone to manage the door codes? curious to see what others are using for this method.



Kind Regards

Zhen Zhang 2 years ago

Thanks Barry for your help.

Currently it only gives the option of receiving payment at premise face to face when guest arrives. Since I won't be on the site, I want to do bank transfer. However it doesn't seem to have this payment method?



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Community Admin 2 years ago

Hi Zhen Zhang. From our understanding, if you are a cash only property, you should be able to set a pre-payment option under you cancellation policy (you should find it in Property > Policies ). If the tool ask you: "Do you want a prepayment?" and you select yes, you can decide to have either the amount after the reservation or when the cancellation becomes not refundable. All the best!