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A Guest cancelled his trip as it was impossible for him to travel on the 20th March as we were in Lockdown from 14th March. He contacted Booking.com , with no reply and I cancelled his booking my end. He has not had his money returned and now I have just received an invoice from booking with instructions to pay me on 16th April. Please can you not pay me and refund the money to the guest.

Booking Reservation is ***




The correct procedure is :


If cancelled by Partner, by click on Request Cancellation on Reservations Details page,


Pick option 2 - Guest requested cancellation.

Guest receives and email with option to request cancellation fee waiver, meaning can I have  100% refunded.

Host then receives an email to confirm authorisation of waiver.


If Host confirms Allow then it will be marked for 100% refund.

If denied, then the cancellation policy applies.


However at this denied point when the Guest then gets an email saying denied refund.

If Guest accepts it and does nothing else Partner gets payout.

If guest rings Customer Service or uses the online option to request cancellation, and no other restrictions apply to them they can get 100% refund.


As of April this should now have changed for only some reservations where Partner will have more options and control over authorisation of refunds .


Sometimes on here with how things are written you nearly have to be a technical writer or legal staff to interpretate the wording to what it actually means.


Do take it at first glance, skim read or assume anything. Selective hearing, wearing  horse blinders is counterproductive.

Read it three times to make sure you understand the scope, context and intent.



@Blue Moon Apartment


Due to how this was handled if you want them to be given full refund,

you should either use extranet inbox > booking messages, see contact options to send detailed message on it so it gets removed from invoice and refunded.



Kind Regards, Be Safe ,Be well

Blue Moon Apartment

Many thanks for the detailed instructions, I will see what I can do. Much prefer the old fashioned way of making a call and actually speaking to someone. I called last year and had no problem getting through, now the number just rings with no answer or message:-(

keep safe too