hi can you please contact me please reguarding  a cancellation. urgent.thanks martin.***


Hi Marty


You simply do it yourself in the Extranet. or call the BdC support team directly, as no one will call you based on posting in here.


If you engage BdC Support to do a cancelation , it may likely result in you paying for relocation.


Below is the method , steps I use, and it has served me well.


  1. Logon to Extranet
  2. open reservation, message guest of overbooking and it will be cancelled.
  3. now on right pane, click Request To Cancel ,and choose option 2.
  4. guest is notified, and must click on email to confirm.
  5. if prepaid to BdC , then the refund 100% , process starts.


Kind Regards


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